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A sandbox block game inspired by other such sandbox block games, ClassiCube brings you back to the days of 2009 where one block game ruled them all.

Classicube includes such features as...

  • Rendering Quads
  • Allow the user to change which quads render
  • Placing Blocks
  • Deleting Blocks
  • Chatting with other players
  • An extremely simple network protocol to tinker with
  • Hundreds of creative and inventive worlds to explore online
  • A growing community
  • Hundreds of hours of entertainment

Supports Windows (64-bit) and Linux (64-bit x86) through itch.io. For more platform support (including MacOS, Android, and Linux (ARM)) visit our website: ClassiCube.net

Multiplayer requires a FREE ClassiCube.net Account

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Tags3D, Casual, First-Person, Multiplayer, Relaxing, Sandbox, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer
LinksSteam, Homepage


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Holy shoot I can not explain how awesome and nostalgic this is and best part it is optimized for my shitty laptop

As someone who came here from TheMisterEpic, I see this as an absolutr win.

it is cool to resupport my PC ,but will you make an other game ?


我仍然因为 2 年前做过的事情而被禁止在服务器上。我喜欢这个游戏


Deleted 161 days ago

thats sick bro


can you add survival mode please? Very cool, runs smooth on windows 7.


Now that I have played more, great game, feels alot like Minecraft. I do wish there was mobs though. Galaxy server software or whatever it's called has a lot of commands that I also think would be cool.







Great game. 99% of servers are low quality but you could expect that.


Classicube is actually cool, it's pretty close to minecraft. You guys should play this game!


Can i Import maps from minecraft or minetest? Or export them?


no ofc not why would u be able to do that

I think that would attract more players

can you make it play in browser


It is available in-browser via our website, https://www.classicube.net/ 

You can play either singleplayer or most multiplayer servers entirely in-browser.


bruh cc shit it doesnt cook my pizza quesadilla 


I agree

Love it

Buy the game to experience years of fun :D


If you don't buy i'll slash your tires or your parents tires.


Buy It. Donate If You Can really love this game!


bad grammar


your mom



No u

The Best Game I Have Ever Played

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good game

buy it pls

EDIT: I just realized that i donated twice lel


bad grammar


I literally can't stop playing


Good Indeed.


It good.